Google Reader and the Promise of The Cloud


I don’t often feel compelled to write a blog post. I’m not that passionate about many things. Apple, yes, but I don’t regularly blog about Apple announcements or Apple products. In fact, I don’t regularly blog at all. But yesterday news broke that affects a large part of my daily routine: news consumption. I’m an RSS junkie, a feed fiend, a veritable devourer of news. Most of fits neatly into categories I’m interested in—Apple, cars, racing, technology. I check my feeds as often as I can. I use multiple devices for this: iPhone 5 (primarily), iPad 2, and two Macs. There’s a lot of ways to consume feeds but these days it really comes down to two general methods: e-mail style clients (e.g. NetNewsWire, a classic) and magazine style clients (Flipboard being the most well known). I’ve dabbled with Flipboard. It’s a great application on iOS and it’s a visually appealing way to consume news. Being an early adopter of RSS, I’m more comfortable with the older e-mail style. I like knowing how many articles are unread. I like  feeling like I’m done after I’ve checked my feeds. Flipboard doesn’t offer this kind of granularity but e-mail style clients do. Continue reading “Google Reader and the Promise of The Cloud”

Life Update

Oh, life. How you make things difficult. No, not really. I’m just being hyperbolic. But there is a bit going on…

  • Work continues. Banking is interesting right now. At least loans are picking up a little bit…
  • School starts up again. My third (or fourth if you count the introductory survey) class begins tomorrow. I have some pre-work to finish up which I’ll do after publishing this post.
  • Travel plans continue. I’ll hopefully be heading back out to Iowa in late July/early August for the State Fair. Then Dallas and Norman, OK in early October for U2 at the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

Quick update, I know. I have some long-form post ideas but those will have to wait….

Facebook Comment

I responded to the following “update” on Facebook…

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Here is the response:

Even so, it saddens me that equality must be forced onto people. Desire to be equal should come from within, not be rained down from above. I think you know as well as I that—if an amendment to the state constitution were put to the people of Iowa that reversed this decision—it would pass with a generous majority. (Heck, people voted against “equality” in California—California!) All this will do is allow for a lot of people to flock to Iowa in a few weeks to be “married” only to have that union invalidated when the decision is ultimately overturned. It’s actually kind of sad.

That’s all I’ll say about this for now.