So, this is my first post to my e-journal. Aren’t I a member of the computer age. You know, I’ve wanted a way to keep a journal on my computer and/or the internet that was easy to use and easy to pull up old entries and I’ve finally found it. You have absolutely no idea how exciting this is for me. Wait a minute. I have no idea who “you” are. I guess you’re just a sort of second-person device I’m using in order to prove to myself that I’m not crazy. Hmm. Well, I won’t worry about it. Promise me you won’t either.

Hopefully I won’t get board with this whole posting thing and actually keep a regular journal like I was supposed to last semester. I mean, I kept one, but it wasn’t as frequent as I wanted it to be. And since I’m always sitting at my computer, and that’s where I make entries from, I don’t see a problem with it…

So anyway today was pretty short overall. Slept in, did pretty much nothing. No class in the morning or afternoon…nothing until Tuesday. Went to the Sooner Championship Celebration today at Memorial Stadium. That was fun but a bit cold and too long…they could’ve sped things up a bit. We’re fans, but we’d rather not be cold. After that I watched the Golden Globes with Tons, Tim, Teve, and all the rest…ate pizza…had nice time. Smoked at various intervals through all of that as usual. Worked on the “Vibrant Vacations” website t – wait! “Beautiful Day” just came on VH-1 – so anyway, finishing that previous thought, I worked on the website today. Finally think I have it where I need it to be, shouldn’t be too much left to do on it other than create all the other pages. That is if the bitch likes it. Never know. I think I’ll be going to bed pretty soon…it’s late or early or whatever it is. Probably going to tweak this Blogger stuff for a bit though…see you soon, my little blog. See you soon.